About Valencia Ray, MD

My life’s calling has been about the journey of healing of stress and burnout, health, and integration of mind, body, spirit…beginning with myself

I am a medical doctor, a functional medicine physician. I help busy women to overcome stress and burnout, stop annoying symptoms without scary drugs, lose weight easier, and experience greater vitality, connection, and confidence.

The anti-aging benefits of my approaches address such common symptoms as low energy/fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, hair loss, weight gain, food cravings, digestive problems, prediabetes, sleep issues, thyroid conditions, hormonal and menopausal challenges, and struggles with confidence.


I support women to maintain radiant health and well-being so that they can have the vitality, know-how, and confidence to thrive in health and relationships.

This journey of self-discovery is always in progress as long as we are alive! I am passionate about my work and journey because I know what a difference it has made first within my own life, and I’ve witnessed how it transforms others, as well as its power to enable us to live more abundant, resilient, whole lives. I used to struggle, beginning fairly early in life with feelings of melancholy, feeling insecure and ‘not enough’ regardless of my outer accomplishments, possessions and educational achievements…or number of friends and popularity. Enough was just never enough.

Eventually, in my twenties it had started to affect my health and peace of mind. And, I had fully brought into the trap of constantly being busy. You see the trick is to be able to still achieve satisfaction in our careers and have the mental clarity and vitality to be able to thrive in our personal lives as well, as we learn how to discern what matters and what doesn’t.


Unfortunately, there actually are external forces at work within the realm of science, healthcare/mental health and the food/nutrition industries that are not operating in the general population’s best interest and are major contributing factors behind the skyrocketing chronic disease, obesity, depression, and anxiety in our society. I have found the courage to listen to and trust my own inner spiritual Guidance and intuition and couple this with what I have learned from traditional medical and neuroscience education.

I have been able to discern how to become wise about finding my own truth, to live with joy and confidence that is far more unshakable, have a healthier body and mind, and to have healthy relationships that are meaningful. I’ve also prospered and with greater gratitude for my blessings.

It is my intention to share what I learned and continue to learn with my clients and with those whom I am able to serve either as a physician or speaker/messenger. I’ve learned how to keep what is working and discard what no longer serves my higher evolution as life continues on – no matter what the ‘authorities’ have to say about it.

I call my approach to this integration of information, intuition, and experience, ‘Science with Soul’. It is not a one size fits all approach, but in order for us to thrive and find the fulfillment, purpose, and physical and mental health that we all seek as human beings, we have to be willing to grow and evolve in our self-awareness and not simply blindly accept what we are told without question.

Our present traditional healthcare system has already failed us. What I offer is a proven and for many, a new approach and solution that works.


Valencia Ray, MD

  • Medical School: The University of Illinois, College of Medicine, M.D. degree
  • Internship: 1 Year General Surgery/Medicine training
  • Residency: The University of Chicago, Ophthalmology (This includes my training in neuroscience, neurology, and co-management of autoimmune diseases, thyroid disease, neuromuscular diseases, chronic bowel inflammatory diseases, diabetes, and hypertension and other areas.)
  • Fellowship: Kresge Eye Institute, Cornea Transplantation, and External Disease
  • Board-certified by The ABO of Ophthalmology
  • Private Medical Practice: General Eye Surgery/Cornea Transplantation and Medical Management Ophthalmology Practice - Sold
  • Certified coach from ICF program with practice focus: Integrative Health, Lifestyle and Leadership Coaching
  • Transition to Integrative Mind-Body Medicine: Continuing Medical and Integrative and Functional Medicine Mental/Physical Health Education, ongoing
  • Institute of Functional Medicine Training Program and Advanced  Certification Graduate - Core and all APM modules
  • Mental Health Counseling & Psychotherapy Master’s Level Classes: Palo Alto University, Palo Alto CA, Ongoing CBT and IFS therapy training
  • ReCODE by Bredesen protocol certified by IFM (for cognitive decline)
  • Medical License: California and Illinois







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