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Meet Valencia Ray, MD



I’m 'The Crappy to Happy Doc' that exposes stress as the silent killer and cause of 95% of chronic disease, which includes symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, hormonal problems, sugar imbalances, anxiety, and even weight gain! Most people don’t know this.

Busy women engage me to guide them to overcome these symptoms on their health journey to empower themselves to feel amazing, look amazing, and have astonishing energy and vitality!

Meet Holly & Leah

Leah & Holly 2

Holly and Leah started their Keto journeys together in 2017 and have versatility to support other personalized food plans beyond keto.

With each other’s support, they made it through the initial adjustments of beginning a new lifestyle, carrying each other through missteps, and celebrating each other’s success with weight loss and healthy living.

The following year, both Leah and Holly hit a crossroads in their professional careers and personal lives. With their children getting older, they found themselves yearning to do something that would give them a sense of fulfillment, and sharing what they had learned, accomplished, and changed while following the Ketogenic Diet with others seemed like the perfect place to start. They now include other personalized and more versatile food plans, supporting food as medicine in our Well Whole Wise Program.

Holly is a fitness enthusiast, NAS & AFAA Certified Health Coach, wife & mother of 2. Read more

After years of struggling with her weight, body image and experimenting with various restrictive diets and new workout plans, she was introduced to the Ketogenic diet. She has since expanded her nutrition training to support other holistic personalized options for using Food as Medicine to move beyond the restrictions  and limitations of the ketogenic diet as needed. As a wife and mother of 2, Holly shares her wisdom and experience of living a healthy lifestyle with her family and clients, ensuring healthy living for all. This desire to promote health has only grown, as Holly continues to educate herself and share her knowledge as a part of her Life's Work, which she loves.

Leah is an avid wellness coach, a full time RN, wife & mother of 2. Read more

Leah's Keto journey began in 2017 when her friend and trainer suggested the Ketogenic Diet during a training session. At first, she was skeptical. Having experimented with other trending diets and health plans before, she found that she was not meeting her desired weight loss goals, and was left feeling lethargic, unhappy, and without mental clarity. Though these other diet plans had left her feeling miserable and hungry, Leah decided to give the Ketogenic Diet a try. She approached Keto with cautious optimism and a strong desire to become healthier for not only herself but also her family. As a wife, a mother of 2, and a full-time RN, Leah decided to change her life for the better (and the healthier), and so her Keto journey began. In a few short months, Leah lost weight, felt energized, experienced increased mental clarity, and, most importantly, enjoyed eating again. Now, she also has realized that in the long-term, there are limitations to ketogenic diet and has expanded her skills to also include a more holistic approach to using, 'Food as Medicine' and lifestyle to gain sustainable health and well-being.

“I believe that life is fluid and our goal is to be happy and healthy humans. My journey is ongoing, I don’t intend to stop learning, teaching, and helping those to be their best, healthiest version of themselves.”

Holly & Leah's Weight Loss Journey 'Before & After' Photos - Click to enlarge.