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"Busy women engage me to overcome stress, fatigue, hormonal problems, and to lose weight that stays off"

- Valencia Ray, M.D.

Mind-Body Integrative Medicine

Are you struggling with weight gain, digestive issues, hormonal problems, low energy or stress?

Ready to Take Control of Aging and Your Health?

Learn Holistic, Science-Based Approaches to Reclaim Energy and Vitality by Taking Control of Stress

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Are you struggling with brain fog, feeling scattered, forgetful and distracted, or ADHD?

Do you have unexplained mood issues like feelings of anxiety, chronic melancholy, self-doubt, and insecurity, and even self-talk that makes you ‘feel like a fake?’ Difficulty being assertive? Difficulty creating healthy boundaries? Does the following sound like you?

  • Worried about the future, your health, your weight, feeling overwhelmed or 'not enough'/'not good enough,' difficulty falling asleep at night
  • Struggling with irritability, emotional volatility and impatience or guilt
  • Imagining negative outcomes and feeling unsure that you can be successful or maintain your current level of success, constantly worried about performance at work or in relationships, feeling like you ‘don’t belong’ or disconnected?

You are not alone, these struggles are very common, in fact, I used to struggle with most of them for many years, regardless of how successful I became.

While you may think these types of emotions or thoughts are only isolated to your thinking head…they could easily be connected to your gut and chronic symptoms that are also manifesting in your body. The mind affects the body’s health, and illness can even cause mood issues and mental disharmony.

Get to the root cause.

How does your body feel?

Full of energy and vitality? Restful and free of chronic disease? Are you easily able to maintain your ideal, healthy weight?

Or are you struggling with weight gain, obesity, excessively dry skin, or hair loss? How is your peri-menopause/ menopause hormonal journey going? Do you feel sluggish, fatigued; have painful tight muscles, spasms, or constipation? Are you pre-diabetic, been told you have ‘metabolic syndrome’ or thyroid disorder? What about autoimmune or inflammatory issues? Stress can cause all of these conditions.

If you are constantly worried about dieting and counting calories but you still struggle with hunger and sugar cravings all day long… if you need to snack or drink excessive caffeine for more energy or alcohol to try to feel better and to relax…there is a solution.

You might think that many of the chronic diseases or states of health above are "just the way things are" and that there is little to nothing that you can do about it. This is not true. Surprisingly, most health conditions and ‘incurable’ diseases are actually reversible or can be put into remission without medications by addressing the root causes. Health and vitality are easily achievable with the right guide by your side.

Do you have a sense of purpose and fulfillment in your life?

Do you feel connected to the ‘Big Picture’ while at the same time able to live in the present moment in order to enjoy the here and now? Or do you live with regret, anger, un-forgiveness and guilt? Do you realize how this affects your health?

Do you feel gratitude, appreciation, joy and connection to others and nature on a regular basis? Do you see life as full of possibilities and as an adventure instead of something to dread? If not, why not?

If you are struggling with feeling inauthentic, or not living up to your potential, struggling with low self-value or self-worth and not knowing what really matters to you, there is a strong chance that your mental chatter or chronic feelings of lack or joy is interfering with living the life you were meant to live. Life is more than a long ‘to do’ list.

Without understanding how to ‘renew our mind’ or not realizing the power of emotion to harm us when we see them as something ‘bad’ and have no emotional self-awareness or skill to shift them, we can drift through life living ‘lives of quiet desperation.’

Learn how to accelerate your self-awareness, courage and resilience, and connect to what matters most to you by reconnecting your mind and heart. You can live with more joy, well-being, and passion, and heal your body and mind in the process.

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