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Leadership BEYOND Burnout!

Our mindset typically over-powers our skill sets, no matter how smart we are.

In order to perform at our best, we need to have the skills of emotional agility, resiliency and understand how to navigate stress and burnout also at a physical level. This will require a working knowledge of what stress really is, how our perception affects our level of stress, and why it is important to understand how the 4 Key Stressors impact us in order to avoid chronic disease. Health and vitality is the key to personal and professional success in today’s hectic and constantly changing workplace.

Stress is the cause of 90-95% of chronic disease. When we understand a functional medicine approach as a lifestyle and integrative this knowledge into our leadership development at a tangible and practical level, we are able to inspire by example to empower others as we also avoid the pitfalls of burnout.

Real life expertise with practical neuroscience application to accelerate self-awareness and personal and professional development is what separates Valencia’s presentations from the crowd.

Presentation Topics

  • For Women’s Leadership Development and Wellness Retreats
  • Assertiveness Training/Confidence Group Seminars
  • Health and Nutrition/Wellness topics
  • Mindfulness is only a primer – NeuroReInvention and Self-Empowerment

Services in this area can be provided in person or virtually/online from any location via video connection.

Customized To Your Audience

Engage Valencia to help you and your audience learn how to more effectively, ‘optimally operate’ the technology of your brain in everyday life.


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