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With ‘The NeuroReInvention Prescription’, You Can Empower Yourself

NeuroReInvention (NRI), is a word I coined to share mind-body health and well-being information that blends the traditional with the transformational. You may ask, ‘What does it mean?’ Think about how during these times of change we often have to ‘reinvent’ ourselves, meaning change our self in some way. We must become more adaptable and…

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Post-Pandemic Social Anxiety: What You Can Do to Cope

Since the beginning of 2020, whenever we turned on the TV, listened to the radio, browsed social…

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Healthy Aging and Longevity Secrets

The search for the fountain of youth is as old as time. Here’s an idea. What if…

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Lifestyle Changes to Help Fibromyalgia

Many patients with fibromyalgia have come to us after facing many barriers when trying to relieve their…

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Digestion Problems? These 10 Proven Tips Will Help

“All (chronic) disease begins in the gut” – Hippocrates Good digestion is essential to our health –…

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5 Ways to Find Balance During Perimenopause

The scientific explanation of perimenopause sounds so simple: a gradual slowing down of reproductive hormones until menopause.The…

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Natural Support for Seasonal Allergies

It’s springtime. Why do you feel like you’re sick when you’ve done everything right? Watering eyes, runny…

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The Connection Between Gluten and Thyroid Issues

By now, you’ve likely heard about gluten intolerance. The buzz word “gluten-free” is everywhere in the health…

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6 Reasons Your Breath Smells Unpleasant

Been smelling your own breath lately with all the mask-wearing? The harsh realities of the odors coming…

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Your Stomach Issues May Be Due to This Tiny Parasite

Have you heard of Helicobacter Pylori? Research tells us that this ancient bacterium may actually be beneficial…

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